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Adjusting To Elderly Parents

  • Posted by: on September 6th, 2007 |
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Parents do an amazing amount of work for their children to ensure that they grow up to be healthy and well-balanced individuals. As one makes the transition into adulthood, they begin to realize the extent that their parents worked, as well as how they can finally have the opportunity to give back.

There are certain things you should do to improve the quality of life you have as a family. There are many practices you should avoid in order to become more useful for your family by bringing all the members of the family closer. Parenting is a full time responsibility. When you have kids you have lots of responsibilities which you are supposed to complete. If you have parents who are of old age but they still are alive, living with them in the same house may become a problem for some people. We must understand how we can adjust to our parents if they are old and we still live together.

In different parts of the world there are different trends. In some parts of the world the kids live with their parents and the paternal family of the kids. In this situation the kids are generally used to having their grandparents around. On the other hand in some cultures the kids leave the house of their parents when they become able to earn for themselves. Now these people are not used to having their parents around all the time. When your parents grow old, it is your responsibility to give them all the love and care that they gave you when you were young. These are the people who have loved you selflessly. They always knew that you will leave them in quest of a career and a spouse, but they still loved you unconditionally.

When the parents are old it is the responsibility of the children to take care of them. Sending your parents to a nursing home just because they have grown old is not the solution. People must learn to respect the old age of their parents. The old people should be given all the due respect and importance and above all, their children must spend time with their old parents. Now that the parents have grown old they are not any more in the position to do simple things for themselves. You must learn to be there for them. They have listened to all your demands when you were young and they have provided for you all your life before you started earning for yourself. You must now pay them back in the same currency, love. Give them all due importance. Give them your time.

Generally the kids are very close to their grandparents. The grandparents are loving for them. They have more time for them. Thus the kids feel more comfortable with their grandparents. This is very healthy. The family ties become stronger in this way.

One should learn to be patient with their parents when they grow old. The parents in old age may sometime act unreasonably and they may not be reasonable and understanding. It now is the duty of the children to be patient and bear everything. This is the right we should give to our parents, as long as it is within our realm of capability.

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