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Need A Boost In The Morning?

  • Posted by: on July 17th, 2007 |
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I read s post tonight that I felt to share. I try not to put politics or religion in my blogs but for what ever reason I just felt it was such a well written post that I should make mention to it. The post is from here is a quote

Most of us accept that how we start our day will often determine how it ends. If we start the day off feeling rushed and stressed we often find that the rest of our day ends up feeling hurried and full of tension. Unfortunately, many of us have yet to discover a consistent way to start the day off right. I believe that the key to starting the day off right is to spend the first moments on the day focused on your spiritual self.

For many of us this is difficult, especially those who are experiencing moments in our lives where we feel very centered spiritually. We all know what this is like. When you are feeling stressed out you are torn between just wanting the day to over and avoiding everything that you have to get done. When you are feeling spiritually centered, you are anxious to get on with whatever you need to do whether it is work, volunteering, going to church etc. Many times we just bounce back and forth between these 2 extremes driving ourselves and others around us mad with our inconsistency.

Our focus needs to on our spiritual selves. Our spiritual selves need to be refreshed and reinforced everyday if we expect to overcome our worldly concerns, remain spiritually centered and to continue to grow. You can think of it like a checking account, during the day you make withdrawals just to accomplish normal everyday tasks, but the goal is to grow the account. In order to make it grow, you have to put in more than you withdrawal. And, like any investment it takes time and persistence to reap the big windfall. Of course, there are exceptions where you may experience epiphanies or other moments of enlightenment. While these experiences are wonderful and should be treasured their benefits are short-lived without the hard work of improving and developing our spiritual selves.

Strengthening your spiritual self is you making an investment in one of the most important parts of yourself. Many of us have experienced moments where we are spiritually weak. In those moments, we feel a deep ache that we cannot explain. Often we try to soothe this ache with some form of pleasurable distraction, whether its partying, watching TV or something much more destructive. However, more often than not the distraction is just a temporary relieve from the pain.

I have experienced this first hand. I am guilty of using my favorite video game, Civilization 4 as a distraction from my spiritual weakness. As a form of recreation it is fine, but when I use it to avoid addressing my own internal pain it becomes much more nefarious. Instead of falling into that trap, I recommend following the easy 4 step plan I outline below.

Please visit the site and read the complete quote, I believe that it does not matter what religion you belong to you can apply it to your life.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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