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Why Conform?

  • Posted by: on October 21st, 2009 |

In life everyday we are forced to make decisions some good and some not that good. The thing is many of our decisions are based on what we have been taught is right or wrong, the tricky part is who decided what is right or wrong. So where exactly do we set apart what we where taught or told and start thinking by ourselves actually become an individual a free thinker, as my buddy Allyn would say when do you become “That Guy” or “Girl”.

Do I have to be a rock guy or country, maybe classical well how about if I chose to like all kinds of music and not conform with societies standards of the stereotypical mold.

Why Conform why you can be different and even better, be yourself!

One of the many great things I love about the Country I live in is the fact that we can be ourselves say what we think and feel and most of the time we can all be friends love each other and respect each other even though we might not agree on everything. Perfect example my last post which was very polarized by emotions but yet we all expressed our points.

I chose to walk my path which I lay as I travel not conforming to what society dictates but more importantly what I feel is the right path. Yet I look around and it seems I am living in a world of clones usually divided in few groups. Why be part of a group when I can be me.

You want to succeed?

Then be yourself! Do what you want to do what makes you happy not what people told you would make you happy but what in your heart you know really makes you happy. Life is to short so why spend it worried about what others think.

We are taught from an early age that we have to go to school, get good grades, go to a top College and become a Doctor, Lawyer etc yet we are supposed to do this when our maturity level our life experiences are barely enough to really know how to really wipe our own asses. Then after following the predetermined path laid for us, we are trapped, incarcerated in a cell with no walls. I am now a lawyer and as such I have now reached my goals but yet I am not happy but because I am what I am I can not change it. After all what lawyer in his right mind would stop being a lawyer to open up a bake shop right?

What Is Success?

If you can sum up success in a mathematical equation based on income, profit and losses then you really have no chance to succeed if you base your success in happiness then you already have the tools to succeed. See success in business is very easy to see because it is purely based on a mathematical equation based on income, profit and losses, but to succeed in life, oh my dear that is a whole different ball game. How many people you know that have the successful business the big house the expensive car but yet you look at there eyes and they are empty?

Choose to be different, choose to define success your own way do not conform with what society dictates as success. Be different, be unique.

Be Special!

9 Responses to “Why Conform?”

  1. lissie says:

    I’ve seen the vid before (the story behind is that he travelled the world initally self-funded – finally got picked up by a big advertiser and they funded his subsquent trips fo which I think this is one of the vids from) .
    It strikes a chord with me though – my partner is quiet and conservative, I’m not (not kidding) – when we first got together peole thought I might be with him as safe option give I was in my late 30s at the time. They were totally wrong – I was with him (and still am 12 years later) – becasue when we couldn’t get into a bar one tnight which had a great band playing tango – so he danced tango with me on the street – and cotninued to do so even when we got a crowd. This may not be a big deal to Puetor Rican but white, straight men in NZ or Austrlalia do NOT dance on the street. In fact generally they don’t dance sober or before 2am which ever comes first.

    We still do it when there are good street performers playing something with rhythmn we will dance – quite often others will join in – usually they are 30 years younger than us – its like we’ve given them permission – cause we are doing it LOL

    And you know – to this day – no one has come up to usa told us we shouldn’t dance – quite often we are thanked particularly by the musicians.

    You don’t have to be given permission to live life – just DO IT!

    • Vic says:

      Talk about a dead on story! I wrote this today because earlier today I was speaking with one of my kids friend who needed some advice on choosing a career and this poor kid feels he is tied by his duty to do what his parents feel is better for him which is go to school finishing a doctor and all this kid ones to do is become an artist now this kid with out his parents knowing applied to Leeds College of Art in the UK now I have no idea if this is a good art school or not but all I know is this kid thinks this is his dream add to it he would living in the UK. I wonder how many people are in a situation like this or ended up living a life they hate because it was the right thing to do.

      Keep making them moves girl. Love Ya!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I love your blogs. I have been thinking about what you wrote today and am stumped. I totally believe what you are saying — that you should live the life you love, but I have no idea how to make that happen at my age. I will be 55 in Nov, in a job that is just a job and doesn’t even pay well and not doing what I am good at or what I remotely enjoy. I am not complaining, but am seriously trying to figure out how — in real life, not just on paper — does one change their life at my age when you still have bills to pay and not a whole lot of extra time to get into a new career/job and don’t have the job skills to be real picky, etc… Again, I am not whining, just trying to get this figured out.

    • Vic says:

      Rebecca instead of going the coward way of feeding you a very motivational response on how anybody can change their life and blah blah how about if we start from the begining.

      Tell me what you would love to do not like but tell me if I had a magic wand that could with one swish provide you with what would be the ideal profession or job what would that be.

      Also how much income would you need to survive until you where in your new job or profession.

  3. Hola, Vic, just wanted to say hi! I am at a conference and the hotel has Facebook blocked (why?), so I’m a little out of touch. Should be back amongst the truly online in a few days. LOL!!


    • Vic says:

      I so hope it is the conference you mentioned because I so much want to hear all about it.

      Love Ya!

      Have a safe flight home!

  4. Elliott says:


    You are dead on right and I had to laugh at the video, it kinda looked like my dancing, only better!

    I used to live trying to please others and I was miserable. I realized that I really had to do some soul searching about what made “me”.

    I am happier now, mostly with myself, but still have work to do. God has given me a wonderful wife and beautiful family and blessed me more that I am worthy of.

    Good to see the new site and thanks for going to regular text on the comments, the custom text was really hard to read!

    Blessings my friend!

  5. I would love to be a nonconformist, but according to the footer I am a Groupie! 🙂 This is definitely a first!

    I have always been a nonconformist. A square peg trying to fit in a round hole never works, Even after years of therapy they could not make me round. I do not see things like others do. Accepting this is what has been the hard part.

    I was homeless in the sixties before people even new what that was. Living in a tent and having the county park as your address makes people wonder.

    I owned a carnival ride and ran the circuit for a couple of years. Living like a nomad and having carnies as my friends. Sometimes sleeping under the truck when lodging wasn’t available. I even slept on the sidewalks of downtown Saginaw cause we pulled in late and had to wait to set up.

    After years of therapy and being told that I needed to follow the rules that other considered normal, I found myself totally miserable. I could never walk in the shoes of others.

    Today I am trying to get my soul back and find my voice. I just now choose to live the life of a hermit and find comfort in my choice. I believe I can ad value to the space I am taking up here on earth. I am just trying to do it my way.

    I believe with the major changes going on in the world today, it is the conformists that are going to suffer the most. Without clear cut rules they have no path to walk. Whereas the nonconformist has always made his or her own path.

  6. It was funny how after I quit my job and started out on my own, my friends that still worked the dead end job were a bunch of naysayers. Some even close personal friends almost seemed like they wanted me to fail for the sake of proving to themselves that a shitty job is still worth the security. It’s been two years and I highly doubt I will be going back to anything like that again. I ran into one not long ago and chatted for a few minutes as I returned to my table I could overhear his convo with his friends saying how cool I was for quitting and succeeding. Quite the change of events. Nice post Vic. You’re still my hero.

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